Will God come for me?

Worship of the Lord is not merely a mechanical activity; it is the melting of our heart for the Lord, and internal re-assertion of our total identification with God alone! Our journey towards God takes place in two steps: first through Prayer and second through Surrender. Every individual has a hidden personality within, which is of an intense, pure and selfless lover! Our worship should be done with such intense love that one day it should fructify by pulling the Lord Himself to manifest and accept our offering.
Delving into this divine episode from “Aranya Kand” of Shri Ramcharitmanas, Swami Abhedananda brings outs the subtlety of relationship between the Lord and His devotee. He shows how we can increase our sense of surrender to invoke the power of devotion within us, to make the inexpressive God expressive and active in our lives. Uncover the hidden lover within you and ornate your pure faith with implicit surrender! Thus make Lord walk towards you.

Genre: Devotional

Duration: 36 Talks/50 Hrs

Media: Audio

Series: Durban,2018

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