What is Vedanta

In life we all wish for cessation of all sorrows-none of us want to feel limited therefore our entire life is in pursuit of getting rid of limitation. Vedanta says that limitation or sorrow is nothing but ignorance. If the problem is ignorance then the solution is knowledge. ‘Ved’ ‘anta’ what is the Essence of the Vedas is called Vedanta. Hence, Vedanta is the means to knowledge, that knowledge which brings us to the realisation of our true ,unlimited and Satchitananda nature. Swami Abhedananda in his inimitable style reveals this knowledge to us. Explaining simply how vedanta deals with our daily lives. Swamiji shows how we can move from sorrow to an uninterrupted flow of joy, through the understanding of right knowledge – which is VEDANTA.

Genre: Vedanta

Duration: 18 Talks/27 Hrs

Media: Audio

Series: Reservoir Hills 2018

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