The Marriage that Never fails

“The personification of God’s Cosmic power is called Sita, and she is ever-dependent on the All-Powerful who is personified as Lord Ram. In the words of Swami Abhedanandaji, the episode of Sita-Ram Vivah thsignifies the merger of ‘Power’ with the ‘Powerful’; a divine confluence of Shakti and the Shaktiman! In his soul stirring discourses on this cosmic divine marriage that never fails, Swamiji delves into Shri Ramcharitamanas and explains how we need to merge our small powers with the all powerful Lord. Power used for bhog (enjoyment) will destroy and power used as an offering to God will liberate.
To purify the heart, intensify faith and merge with the Lord, one must conduct this auspcious wedding of Ma Sita & Shri Ram within! “

Genre: Devotional

Duration: 4 Talks/6 Hrs

Media: Video

Series: Durban 2020

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