The Joyful Vision of Geeta

“Our entire life is spent in the pursuit of happiness. We are forever searching joy in various aspects of the world from wealth to success to family, yet joy eludes us. We acquire various kinds of knowledge but never acquire aspire for that Wisdom which can release us from the very cause of all sorrows.
In these talks, through selected verses from the Bhagvad Geeta, Swami Abhedananda reveals the timeless wisdom hidden in this divine song of Lord Sri Krishna. Swamiji uses humour and everyday situations to explain how sorrow is our own mental creation and how Geeta can lead us to everlasting joy.
Come unlock your happiness with this key of ‘ The joyful vision of Geeta’.”

Genre: Inspirational

Duration: 3 Talks/4 Hrs

Media: Video / Audio

Series: Newcastle 2018

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