“Sundarkand is the most popular section of Ramayana with Shri Hanuman ji as the lead protagonist. Like a heavy mountain, our sorrows too can often burden us and become overwhelmingly painful to carry around. We need something powerful to help lighten this load and replace it with unlimited bliss. The melodious verses of Sundar-Kand is that magical elixir which can blast away our sorrows and enable us to imbibe the qualities of Devotion, Wisdom, Faith, Courage, Humility and Selfless service.
Come & meet Hanumanji with Swami Abhedananda in these soul stirring discourses where Swamiji takes us on a divine journey, full of thought provoking insights, dipped in the sweetest nectar of devotion. Learn from Lord Hanuman, the ultimate Guru, about the goal (lakshya) of our lives and the means (sadhan) as depicted in Sundarkand.”

Genre: Devotional

Duration: 7 Talks/10 Hrs

Media: Video / Audio

Series: Singapore 2019

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