The Secret of Self-Transformation

The Holy Geeta is a lighthouse of eternal wisdom that has the ability to inspire mankind to Supreme accomplishments and enlightenment. Lord Krishna’s message in the Geeta is to see permanent in the impermanent, to realise the unchanging in the chaning, to remain unruffled and untouched in the most turbulent and troubling situations. The chapter 14 of Bhagavad Geeta deals with the three essential tendencies that compose every human being – namely Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas. Swami Abhedananda, through his very dynamic discourses, helps us analyse our inner tendencies which influence the quality of our thoughts and motive in our actions. Let us learn the art of right living, as Swamiji reveals the secret to transcend and transform!

Genre: Inspirational

Duration: 5 Talks/7 Hrs

Media: Video / Audio

Series: Singapore 2014

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