Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Our mind gets often enchanted by what it perceives as beautiful (Sundaram). But like a mirage in the desert, we keep chasing our dreams without reaching anywhere. Frantically striving to find beauty in objects, people and situations, in fame, wealth, attachments, honour, our life passes not realising that what is transitory and unreal. Real beauty resides only in that which is permanent, which comes from devotion, dispassion and pursuit of knowledge – this alone is the real TRUTH ( Satyam).

In this series of talks Swami Abhedanandaji takes us on a journey where he discloses how this Shivam (God) comes as the Guru in our lives to make Truth (Satyam) most beautiful (Sundaram).”

Genre: Inspirational

Duration: 3 Talks/4 Hrs

Media: Audio

Series: Verulam 2019

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