Raas Leela

Collection of all ‘Ras’( sweetness) is Raas and that which dissolves our mind in the blueness of the Lord is ‘Leela’. To hear about Ras Leela we need to prepare our mind first by making it softer and purer to bring out the Gopi, the lover in us.

Krishna trishna murti is Gopi – she is the thirst personified for Lord Krishna. We too have a lot of thirst for this joy, this thirst alone makes us a seeker – the one who desires to know that truth.

Swamiji here unravels the complex , subtle and the deeply rooted message of sacrifice in Raas Leela along with the sweetness of the four madhuri’s of Bhagwan:
– Roop Madhuri: get enchanted by the form of the Lord.
– Venu Madhuri: is the sweetness of the Lord’s thirst for us.
– Leela Madhuri: is how the Lord wants to love us, just like we love Him.
– Priya Madhuri : is the love of Radhaji.

Listen to Swamiji as he blends the elixir of Knowledge with the sweetest nectar of Love and Devotion. So you too can drink this nectar and develop a deep desire for Krishna that the desire for the world goes away. Let us all dissolve in Krishna’s Blueness and invite Him to play in our hearts!

Genre: Devotional

Duration: 40 Talks/30 Hrs

Media: Video 

Series: Durban 2016

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