Purush Sooktam

“A hymn from the Vedas, “”Purush Sooktam”” is a sacred and deeply significant treatise on the manifestation of entire creation. In The srishti (creation), Ishwar, Yagna and Pure Self form the crux of these verses. Merely chanting this hymn is known to bestow miraculous benefits.
Keeping us constantly anchored in the Supreme Purush “”Lord Vishnu””, Swami Abhedananda with complete control slowly leads us through the progress of creation. The multiplicity through which the One expresses itself is explored with analytical precision. From the subtlest thought to the grossest object, the Supreme that pervades is lovingly brought out in its varied richness.”

Genre: Vedanta

Duration: 9 Talks/14 Hrs

Media: Audio

Series: Singapore 2004

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