Power of Shri Rudram (Selected Verses)

Rudram Chamakam is considered to be the most powerful invocation of Lord Shiva, especially when the chanting of Rudram is coupled with the act of performing Abhishek to Shiva-Lingam. When performed with faith, it guarantees to bestow immense grace, inner power and fearlessness within the devotee’s bosom. We are rudderless without faith; tossed around by the relentless waves of uncertainty. As you dive deep into the ocean of knowledge and faith; this experience of listening to discourses on Sri Rudram by Swami Abhedanandaji will help you discover your anchor of life : which is Shiva alone! Swamiji, in the part 1 of this series, explains the import of this invocation, so we can purify our hearts and manifest the Lord in the altar of our chaste hearts.

Genre: Devotional

Duration: 7 Talks/10 Hrs

Media: Video / Audio

Series: Singapore 2019

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