Power of Mother Durga

“Shakti” or “Durga” or the Divine Mother is the personification of that supreme power which has created the entire Brahmaand (cosmos). She is the Mother of all; and Her Power is inexplicable. Each one of us craves for some power in life, even if it is as basic as the power of expression. Experience tells us that nothing is under our control, and no power or capacity remains forever, unless Ma Shakti wishes to!
Swami Abhedananda brings out the deepest and most profound insights by invoking Mother Durga from Her abode in this sacred text of Devi Bhagawatam. Swamiji teaches us how to invoke the Divine Mother and make her an active participant in our lives.
Swamiji takes us on a journey of self transformation, the goal of which is to have Devi Ma take Her glorious avataar in our small minds.

Genre: Devotional

Duration: 9 Talks/12 Hrs

Media: Video/Audio

Series: Durban 2019

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