Power of Devi Worship

Mother Nature is powerful, and yet she is so immensely patient. Mother Earth is the most heavy, and yet she is the most compassionate. Mother Ganga can be the most tempestuous and yet she is the most nourishing. They are all forms of the divine Mother Durga. “Devi” – the divine mother Goddess is the ultimate “Shakti” who nourishes every single being and thing in this universe. From the huge Sun to the tiniest atom in this Universe, every single object owes its energy source to this ‘Shakti’ which is the expression of Ma Durga alone. She is the essential force behind everything, but only the wise who realize this subtle truth, who meditate upon this eternal power; are truly capable of seeing the “Devi” behind this “Shakti “.

One of the most potent and elaborate texts which enumerate the glories and the powers of Devi Ma is “Durga Saptahshati”. It contains several assuring stories about how Mother Durga protected her children when attacked by the demons. In this article, we are pleased to share with our readers and devotees some of the salient points from Swamiji’s enlightening talks on “Power of Devi Worship” based on the divine text of Durga Saptashati.

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