Pointers for Perfect Living

Who does not wish to excel or become perfect? Man by nature craves to improve and strive for the best. But the materialistic pursuit of outward perfection is only a sure means to despair and sorrow. Real perfection is possible only when one establishes himself in the Supreme Truth, having the wisdom of equanimity and non-doership even in maximum activity, invoking God’s fullest expression through himself. In these talks, through selected verses from Chapter 2 of Bhagavad Geeta, Swami Abhedananda beautifully portrays the “Man of Perfection”

Who is the man of perfection, how he interacts, how does he work and how does he enjoy are all explained thoroughly. Alongside this Swamiji also clearly points out the imperfections in a person and how to set it right. The gunas and vasanas, likes and dislikes, how they operate and how their fruit manifests, these are vividily elaborated so that we learn to live a more meaningful life.

Genre: Inspirational

Duration: 4 Talks/6 Hrs

Media: Audio

Series: Singapore 2005

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