Path to Liberation

Bliss is our essential nature, yet we feel incomplete and crave for happiness externally. This contradictory experience stems from the fundamental ailment called ‘Agyaan’ (ignorance). We feel incomplete in absence of people, objects and situations of our liking. And in quest for that completeness, we constantly strive for fame, money, family; yet the more we fulfil one desire the more incomplete we feel. Vedant comes to our rescue and tells us that our incompleteness is not external rather it is internal. The way towards this eternal, internal completeness is ‘ The Path Of Liberation’.
Swami Abhedananda helps us traverse this worldly terrain to fulfil the purpose of our life and reach our final destination – Liberation. In these highly practical Vedantic discourses, Swamiji explains in-depth about the course of discipline that our scriptures have described to achieve this goal. Come walk this path of liberation which will unite you the seeker to your Real Self!

Genre: Vedanta

Duration: 5 Talks/7 Hrs

Media: Video / Audio

Series: Reservoir Hills, 2018

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