Mundakopanishad depicts that Highest Truth which is the real essence of every being, but until the Jeeva is enlightened he remains ignorant of this Pure Self. The same principle is illustrated in this Upanishad via two inseparable birds sitting on a tree. One bird being the untouched Pure consciousness or witness and other as the Jiva or enjoyer/ doer of samsara. The one who comprehends the Mundakopanishad is shaved or liberated from ignorance, and becomes the knower of the Highest Wisdom (Para Vidya or Brahman) without any ambiguity. Pujya Swami Abhedanandaji beautifully unravels each mantra, ushering us inward, introducing us to our own true Self: the Pure consciousness!

Genre: Vedanta

Duration: 83 Talks/100 Hrs

Media: Audio

Series: 6 months Vedanta Course

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