Lifestyle for Meditation

“Meditation is an usher – it takes us very deep into our inner personality“

– Swami Abhedananda

Are you struggling to meditate, not sure where to start?

Then here is your perfect answer.

In this series on “Lifestyle for Meditation” – Swami Abhedanandaji not only step by step explains how to meditate. He reveals the secrets behind how to be in a meditative state all the time. Swamiji explains to us the ideal lifestyle needed to be in that meditative state permanently.

Discover the 8 Steps of Ashtanga-Yoga for culturing a lifestyle that culminates in the highest experience of Meditation.

Get your ‘self-readiness plan’ as Swami Abhedananda unlocks the treasure trove of Meditation from our timeless scriptures!

Genre: Vedanta

Duration: 8 Sesssions/8+ hrs

Media: Video 

Series: Durban 2021

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