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Glory of Devotion

One of the most popular hymns from Shrimad Bhagawatam is when little bhakt Prahalad offers his prayers to Lord Narasimha after the Lord kills his father Hiranyakashyapu. The words of that hymn (stuti) are soaked in intense devotion, faith and love for the Lord.

Through this book titled ‘Glory of Devotion’, you have an opportunity to delve in the soulful praise by Prahalad unto Lord Vishnu as Swami Abhedanandaji beautifully unfolds the verses sung by Prahalad, and explains the power of devotion by which a devotee endears himself to God.

What was in Prahalad that made him so dear to the Lord? What made him so fearless that he could stand in front of Lord Narasimha and calm Him down?

Find out about all the hidden virtues of Prahalad that enchanted the Lord, and learn how one can acquire those qualities and live a blissful life gliding in faith and wisdom.

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