Durga-The Power in You

All power of the world belongs to that ONE POWER, who is sentient and conscious. This Power is the holder and the source of all energies in this creation and that is Mother Durga. We are weak because our ego has disconnected us from the power of the Cosmic Mother. Through these powerful, heart rending talks Swami Abhedananda reveals the secret to reclaiming our lost power.

Swamiji explains how through Upasana (worship) we can reconnect with Mother Durga and make Her active in our lives. We should not look for the limited power in the object, like the power of people or the power of wealth etc. But aim for the object less power, the conscious power – the one who is All Power.

Swamiji with his intense, devotional call invokes the all compassionate Mother to accept us and to take us in her lap. Through these talks learn to dissolve your ego, so that you too can manifest the hidden Mother Durga – the power in you.

Genre: Devotional

Duration: 9 Talks/14 Hrs

Media: Video / Audio

Series: Durban 2020

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