Complete Ramayana

Shri Ramcharitmanas, composed by the great saint Goswami Tuslidasji, is a matchless treatise on supreme devotion and sacrifice. 

Intent listening of the Ramayana through voice of the saints alone can help us understand the life principles established by Shri Ram – abiding in which one can get rid of the maladies of diseases, sins, worry or fear, and be bestowed with everlasting happiness and blissful love.

This exquisite and classic rendition of Complete Ramcharitmanas by Swami Abhedananda, communicated in nine days of intense sessions, is most apt for the seekers of the modern world who seek serenity and good fortune in the midst of unending challenges that we face in life.

Genre: Devotional

Duration: 36 Talks/50 Hrs

Media: Video/Audio

Series: Durban 2019

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