Brihadaranyaka Upanishad-Part 1

“The epitome of the enlightening texts of Vedanta is Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. This text is both qualitatively and quantitatively the torch bearer of Brahma Vidya. Studied in the “Aranyaka” or forest in ancient times, this Upanishad expounds the essential principles of worship, meditation and the ideal spiritual life that one should follow.
Swami Abhedananda a par excellent exponent of Vedant, decodes the secrets hidden in these ancient scriptures in the most simplistic manner, by making this timeless wisdom relevant to our modern times. In the first part of this series Swamiji covers many topics including , meaning and significance of Hiranya garbha, Upasana, Shanti mantra and much more. Come join Swamiji on part one of this journey of moving from the unreal to the real, from sorrow to eternal bliss.”

Genre: Vedanta

Duration: 9 Talks/11 Hrs

Media: Video/Audio

Series: Chinmaya Viboothi,2019

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